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Texas Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a crime happening everyday right up under our noses. It is horrifying to think of a young girl kidnapped in broad daylight and forced into having sex with multiple men per day everyday like a machine. Many wonder how a 12-year-old could be lured away from her home with so much information out there about avoiding strangers Read More

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Texas: Define Racial Profiling

Texas: Define Racial Profiling   Hearing of racial profiling in the state of Texas is no surprise to anyone – not even to racists. The question that racists want answered, however, is what exactly is racial profiling. Police officers stopping a minority to question them and run their name to check for warrants is viewed as just a safety precaution Read More

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Texas Councilman Tased By Police Officers Involved in Sandra Bland Incident

Two police officers were involved in a recent Tasing incident that is being investigated for potentially using excessive force on a Prairie View City Council member. One of the officers was involved in the Sandra Bland arrest this summer, which led from a routine traffic violation to Bland’s dead body being discovered in her jail cell within a matter of Read More