Districts and Schools

Final List of Schools in Improvement 11-12

Title I Per Pupil Allocation for 2011-2012

Private Schools as SES Providers
The U.S. Department of Education Questions and Answers on the Participation of Private Schools in Providing Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Under No Child Left Behind Act.

New District Coordinator Manual

SES Information
LEA Responsibilities
SES Provider Responsibilities
LEA Processes and Procedures
SES Parental Awareness
EZSES Management System
Sample Reports
SES Program Monitoring
SES Resources

District Contact Template
used by a school district to change contact information

District Online Workshop Materials

SES District Powerpoint Presentation
SES District Provisions and Assurances
SES Provider Code of Business Ethics
SES Provider Provisions and Assurances

District Responsibilities

Notify parents about the availability of tutoring services at least once a year.
If requested, help parents choose a provider.
Determine which students should receive services if not all students can be served.
Enter into an agreement with a provider selected by parents of an eligible student.
Assist the Texas state in identifying potential providers within the district.
Protect the privacy of students who are eligible for or receive supplemental educational services.

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