Provider Application Process: Provider Applications, Amendment, and Information

Provider Application Information

The Texas Supplemental Educational Services (SES) provider application has been released!

Completed applications are due by or before 5:00 pm CST on June 26, 2012.


-The online application is lengthy and must be completed in its entirety and in one sitting. THE ONLINE APPLICATION CANNOT BE SAVED.

-Waiting to begin/submit the online application until the week it is due is highly discouraged.

-Prior to completing the online application, it is highly advised that you download the Provider Application Preparation Checklist (below) and complete and save the Provider Application Template (below) for your records.

2012-2013 Provider Application
2012-2013 Provider Application Instructions
Provider Application Preparation Checklist Provider Application Template
To view a recording of a recent provider application overview session conducted by SIRC staff click here.

Additional Application Information

Determining Financial Soundness

Application Amendment Information

2011-2012 Provider Amendment

Notification of Approval Status:

Providers are sent written notification of their approval status directly from the TEA before the effective date of the cycle during which they applied. The effective date is located on the application. This determines when providers may begin offering services to students.

If an applicant is not approved, the applicant is provided the reason as well as copies of the application rubrics from the review of the Title I Committee of Practitioners and/or a copy of the Determining Financial Soundness form completed by the CPA conducting the review of financial soundness for the provider.

Please do not call the state contact at SIRC for SES to obtain a verbal notification of the approval status of an application as he/she is not authorized to provide this information.

Changing Program Information and/or Services:

Approved SES providers are required to submit an amendment to change information in the approved application within 10 business days of implementing the change(s).

Changes that can be made through an amendment include:

Contact Information
Service Area
Cost of Instruction (to reduce the current approved rates)
The TEA will determine whether the changes alter the state-approved program so significantly as to require another review of the application or whether the provider may continue to implement the change immediately. All other changes require the completion of a new application during the next application cycle.

Directions for amending are found on the cover page of the Provider Amendment to Application (above).

Removing Providers:

Providers that are LEAs or schools that move into Title I, Part A district or school improvement will be removed from the state approved list.
Providers that do not meet all applicable federal, state, and local health, safety, and civil rights laws will be removed from the state approved list.
Providers that do not comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1975, as amended (ensures access to educational records for students and parents while protecting the privacy of such records), and any regulations issued there under, including Privacy Rights of Parents and Students (34 CFR Part 99), if the contractor is an educational institution, will be removed from the state approved list.
Providers that are found to be out of compliance with the assurances and/or the code of ethics found in the application may be removed from the stated approved list of providers.
Please see the Provider Evaluation process for more information.
Other criteria are being developed.

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