What is Transformation?

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Transformation is designed to increase the effectiveness of teacher and campus leaders, improve instruction through targeted professional development, create community-oriented schools and provide operational flexibility to schools to increase student achievement. Participating campuses and districts will engage in a research-based approach to transform low performing schools into higher -achieving community based schools.

Transformation focuses on building capacity and changing school culture. Schools best suited for transformation have pockets of success and strengths upon which to build even though they have not been successful for several years. That said, transformation still involves significant change and shifts in culture, expectations and organization. Although transformation more closely resembles school improvement models, it is a much more robust and concentrated approach to transitioning from low performing to high performing.

Successful transformation has several characteristics:

Job embedded Professional Development and increased effectiveness of leadership on the campus. Also, leadership becomes more distributive over time. Some administrative duties become shared responsibilities based on a common mission. The administrative structure moves away from a top down approach to a more community oriented, shared decision making model.

Clear vision of success shared by all and bolstered by a positive school climate. Everyone knows what success looks like for their campus.

Continuous instructional improvements and use for student data to drive decisions- conversations about data are not just topics on an agenda, but are ongoing and a part of every meeting or planning session. Data is part of the culture of the school!

Community and family involvement in all aspects of school. The school is not just a place for students, but becomes a center of the community.

Operational flexibility granted by the district to fully implement transformation process- a “whatever it takes” mentality.

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