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Under the Title I, School Improvement Program of No Child Left Behind, a Title I Local Education Agency (LEA) or campus that does not meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two consecutive years will be considered in need of improvement and will enter the School Improvement Program (SIP). The School Improvement Resource Center (SIRC) is a statewide initiative that serves as a support system to schools that receive funding under the Title I – School Improvement Program (SIP) as they move through the school improvement process. More Texas

The SIRC is committed to a focus on Customer Satisfaction that meets or exceeds customer requirements. This includes providing leadership, services, resources and programs that are valuable to our customers, and anticipating future customer desires and needed services. Building customer relationships leads to confidence, trust, and loyalty. The SIRC is Customer Centered, Visionary, Collaborative, and Results Driven. We will adhere to these Core Values as we address the customer requirements.

The SIRC Leadership Team continuously seeks out the cutting edge of educational practice.  The resources, programs, and services we offer allow our customers to be more efficient and effective.  The Leadership Team evaluates legislative initiatives, state and local budgets, student achievement data, and trends in addition to benchmarking similar organizations to ensure that we can provide our customers with a clear vision to becoming schools of excellence.

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